Blackstag Custom Shop

Creating unique one off pieces using recycled clothing in our UK custom shop 

Working with vintage and second hand items of clothing, breathing a new lease of life into hand selected garments with our DIY approach to design and fashion. Inspired by the punk ethic of the 1970s, slicing and slashing our way to individuality, using old school techniques and hand screen printing one off designs, your Blackstag Custom shop garment will be truly unique to just you! 

looking out for the environment, Blackstag takes unloved garments and reworks them into radical pieces. We are consciously aware that there are landfills full of throw away clothing, so recycling is important to us. We want to encourage you to use and love your Blackstag for years to come, give it to the kids, cover your car seats, donate it to a friend, recycle it, live it and wear it till it falls off.